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I’m absolutely gobsmacked at what happened in x factor. I am not exactly an x factor fan but i thought the auditions this year was superb. Being in Uni and having so much work to do, haven’t really been watching it but i’ve been watching like the Replay on youtube. My favourites were katie and Gamu because i just loved katie’s personality and i thought Gamu was such a good singer like she had no choice but to be in the top 10, till i heard about Cheryl Cole’s fascinating choice of Top teners. It is no surprise she had chosen Cher because Cher llyod is like Cheryl Cole when she was 16 but with a good voice. Cher did not even audition and she went through this is just bad favouritism. I am so upset. When Alexandra Burke wasn’t mentally prepared when she was 15 she was told to leave. Cheryl?what makes you think a 16 year old who broke down in-front of 2 people cannot break down over thousands. Very Bad decision!!!

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