What i learn from my fav Top fashion bloggers.

Hi guys? hope you are having a splendid evening? Okay today’s post is just showing you my favourite top fashion bloggers, i don’t mean all time favourite fashion bloggers just the really popular ones, why i love them and what i learn from them as a fashion blogger. I am constantly on their blogs every second of the day getting inspired and learning new things. The list of bloggers I will display are in my opinion vary from the other and their ideas on fashion are portrayed on uniquely their blogs. In no particular order, here are they…..

                                                                    img source: www.stylebubble.co.uk

Susie Lau is the personal style blogger of stylebubble. she describes her style as eclectic , through the way she dresses and portrays herself ;you can tell she is in a bubble. Although, she describes her style as eclectic, i feel like i wouldn’t be surprised if i see anything she wears, its kind of expected, the mixture of prints, the contradicting colours and fabric clashes is her forte and she represents it so well.(actually i will be shocked if i saw her in a plain bodycon dress and ordinary pumps) Her style is also a mixture of her Chinese heritage and British background. This makes her utterly unique and she is just amazing and articulate. I love British accents. lol!

                                                                     img source: www.5inchandup.blogspot.com

Sandra is the personal style blogger of 5inchandup, when i see her posts i’m like how did she think of that. I usually read reader’s comments as every reader has different perspectives to what they see and they interpret it differently (like contemporary art) One of her readers said i knew you couldn’t be British because you have a unique take to fashion. Her style is almost like styled outfits on the runway, that look good on the runway but not wearable. it’s like she brings runways to life. She has a fantastic eye for things that’s why I love her.

                                                                    img source: www.fashiontoast.com

Rumi Neely is the personal style blogger of fashiontoast.com. At first, what drew me to fashiontoast.com was the amazing street photography (you guys know i’m a sucker for good photos) and how a Woman can wear the most simple pieces of clothing and combine them so well that they look effortlessly fashionable. She said she is inspired by model Erin Wasson and I love Erin Wasson’s style, very rock and roll but abit masculine in a sexy way.

                                                               Img source: www.wheredidugetthat.com

Karen is the personal style blogger of wheredidugetthat.com. She is British to start of with,lol. I love British fashion except she lives in New York. First of all, i’m so intrigued and inspired by Karen’s shoe collection, she has so many unique shoes and style them so well . She also loves mixing prints and nothing stops her to take that extra mile with what she wears; which is so inspiring. Clothing that you never thought would work out or go together look amazing after reading her blog.

                                                                          img source: www.theglamourai.com

As for Kelly, the personal style blogger and interior designer of theglamourai.com, She is the perfect example of how most fashion girls would want to live or dress. Sophisticated and Chic , I am an interior decorating fanatic not that i like interior design i’m obsessed with changing the appearance of my room 24/7 and her blog makes me dream way too much. it is unhealthy. She is so classy looking and I don’t mind having her job…lol or her apartment. Her style is also very mature and  very much like Olivia Palermo.

if this post was helpful leave a comment below and also if you know of any top fashionbloggers. Leave their url in the comments and say why you like them so much, why they inspire you.

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2 comments on “What i learn from my fav Top fashion bloggers.

  1. Jen
    December 23, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    love love KAREN!!!

    Befrassy.com – She's like Karen, fearless and daring.

    Love-aesthetics.blogspot.com – Simplistic YET striking.

    msvintagevirgin.blogspot.com – Jessica is just OMFG!

    Froufrouu.com – The photography, her outfits *sighs*

    J x

    December 23, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    OMG wooow! This Blog is awesome, cool stuff! I wonder why you haven't got more followers cause this is so cool!

    LoveLoveLove, Dilara from


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