Tips on how I landed a Job in the Corporate World

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My video this week is titled “Tips on how I landed a Corporate Job”

In the environment I grew up in, I have always been told these are ways to accomplish this or that and if not then I am failure. I wondered why this should always be the case. Sometimes life circumstances can knock us off our pedestal but this should not defeat you but make you stronger.

As human beings we have a choice to play with life and make it what we want through our belief systems and what we label to be true or false. Remember the only way you can ruin your chance of anything is to accept a belief as truth. We live in a world of duality where anything manifests in twos so a belief is true and also false, get it?

My point is whatever you tie down to your beliefs is true, if you believe you’re not capable of getting a good job then you are right according to only you – Nothing is Absolute but relative and vice versa

For you to achieve anything in life, the first challenge you have to accomplish is to believe that you can do it (which is a lot harder than you think).

Then focus on how you want to achieve it. Write down all the things an employer would be looking for; such as experience, achievements, relevant skills, personality etc. If you don’t have the good grades you can use others to outweigh that weakness. Remember no one has it all.

Watch my video and get helpful tips on this topic.

Remember life is a dream and not taking it too seriously is the key to making it worthwhile.



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