The Green Grass

img_1919An old friend paid me a visit last night, we discussed life, relationships, jobs and all that good stuff women in their late 20’s talk about. I came to the realisation that we are all feeling the same things. We are feeling the transition from kidulthood to adulthood. Transformation can be one of the most painful experiences because of the uncertainty of whether you will fly and fall. One is in a constant dilemma of trying to define who they think they are including separating themselves from who their parents moulded them to be.

I have searched, explored, tried things outside myself to look for answers on how I can live in constant bliss. I lost my soul in the midst of experiences. But it takes a certain level of wisdom to understand that these negative / positive experiences are representations of the soul externalising itself. Life is constantly mirroring what you are feeling on the inside and till you start paying attention to your behaviours, mindset and people around you It becomes super clear that you are in complete control of your reality and all of these things in your reality are a representation of what you are in the moment. It is so profound.

img_1922So how do I move forward in order to achieve bliss ? Compassion for self.
To be kind to myself and accept the external world for what it is and understanding I’m responsible for me only and the way I view situations. The steps I take to ensuring I live my best life will trigger a spark in others to do the same and this energy spreads across and multiplies in many folds to create a better future for all of us.

So what’s the new mindset for this year? Stay out of your head, be compassionate to self and live in love!

Have a blissful 2018!



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