The Future is Gold

“The future is gold” is the statement I caught whilst drooling over J’adore’s Christain Dior advert. The ad campaign  depicted popular actress, Charlize Theron trying to reach the top of a building with a gold aerial silk.  She also made another statement which I find very striking “the only way is up”.

My perception, immediately, was hmm is the only way truly up? How about downward spirals ? How about falling and never getting up? I once listened to a very popular spiritual teacher on YouTube called Teal Swan and she makes it quite clear that there is no such thing, as such, as going back. One cannot simply fall twice. The universe does not return to the past. After gaining consciousness, it expands and then retracts. Such activity may appear like it is going back but it’s not. This makes sense! Starting out a journey to reach a destination will contain bumps and glitches, throughout the journey you will gain knowledge and perspective and this can only improve. No one can take knowledge from you so if you’re stuck during that journey and feel lost, it is perfectly normal. You can choose to quit the journey or explore it till you have reached your destination. 

With everything in life, choice is everything and yes it is right to say the future is gold and the only way is up! Because, knowledge does not go anywhere, perspective only expands so when you seem stuck use your current knowledge to understand the situation and pull yourself out of it. The future is always bright and it is, because it has not been created. Therefore; invest in making good choices now to foresee a golden future. Happy New Year! 

Love , Tomi

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