Sorry IVe gone M.I.A on here.

Hi Guys?
Sorry i’ve gone a little M.I.A on my blog but on you tube i have been constantly updating because i have the time to do videos because i’m out these days. it takes me about a day to like edit the videos and i get lazy to actually type on my blog after doing the video. I can actually say i am super impressed on the feedback i am getting for my videos, like people are actually interested, its ridiculous anyway i just recently updated my youtube page because my Mum was around with all her Nigerian attire and i thought that will be the perfect time to shoot a video and teaching you guys how to do long lasting make up as a Nigerian bride.

first things first.
For a Nigerian wedding/Engagement, you need to make sure you’ve been feeding your skin with the right facials and products before the actual day of the wedding. I would prefer to use only natural resources like honey, eggs , tomatoes, Aloe vera e.t.c This leaves your skin fresh and giving it a nice surface to apply your make up.

In terms of make-up, because engagements or wedding last for hours, you will need a foundation that lasts for ages( foundations with long lasting coverage: revlon colour stay, maybelline silky stay e.t.c) have up to a 16hr span with a very sheer coverage. You could also use High definition foundations such as make up forever, revlon photo ready, smash box cosmetics e.t.c because it makes the make up in your pictures come out gorgeous, then you could finish it up with a nice mineralize loose powder, like that of mac, smash box, bobbi brown, stila and lots more. Almost forgot before you apply your foundation always moisturize your face and then apply some face primer which helps to keep the foundation.

Dont forget when applying your eyeshadow always use an eye primer to lock in your eyeshadow.(urban decay potion primer, Gosh cosmetics eye primer e.t.c
For your brows, once you’ve filled them in always use some brow gel to keep it in shape. it prevents your filled in brows from wiping off.

for your lips always moisturize with lip balm and then you can add some powder for a matte effect.
after you could highlight and contour your features if you wish and then add a bit of loose powder and then set with a make-up setting spray to finish your look.(mac, urban decay setting spray e.t.c

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