Remembering the Greats : Blow-McQueen

We live in a world where we are constantly compared, ridiculed for our beliefs and ignored for asking questions. Due to this, rather than choosing to be expressive we choose to become defensive to our true nature. We are all one, says spiritual teachers; which is correct. We are all interconnected and every single one of us collectively makes up our reality. The truth is, if we assess this theory finitely we are all the pieces/pixels with individual talents that solve the whole picture or puzzle. We are all different individually but yet we need each other to fill in the gaps. 

Individuality, risk, controversy where all the core pieces of the puzzle missing in the fashion world when Isabelle Blow and Lee Alexander McQueen decided to take on the world of female fashion. People didn’t quite understand their aesthetic at first because it did not fit the conventional and typical way of thinking. Isabella spotted McQueen at St Martins  College, London when he premiered his first collection. She was gobsmacked at the way McQueen dressed and depicted the female silhouette. It was raw, violent, strong yet original. She mentored him and they remained a creative pair till they both could no longer deal with the adversities of life. Their story is beautiful and inspiring. Alexander could create Art and Isabelle wore it and could articulate it to the world. 

I’ve learnt so much from the Duo. Life is about risk, truth,love,fun,fulfilment, excitement but when you choose to share this with the world you would also have to accept and accommodate the opposition to those emotions too. It is your choice if you respond to them. Perhaps, had they accepted this truth about life we would still be celebrating their genius today. We still are anyway. 


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