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2013 is nearly here! I hope you are all excited as much as I am. New beginnings, mind-sets and behaviour (for me anyway). With that being said I have decided to end my 2012 with a beauty post. I haven’t written a beauty post in a while considering the fact that lately I have been obsessing over cosmetics. My love for cosmetics is like an equilibrium. It never  is balanced, I am hoping that once I am finally finished with Uni in May I am able to fully experiment with beauty products and overload you guys with beauty related posts.

Lately I have decided to take a break off using MAC cosmetics , and trying other beauties on the high street. Being a beauty vlogger on youtube I heard about cosmetics such as the banana powder, make-up blending sponge I knew I needed to get my hands on them ASAP! (I will talk about them in detail below. During my Christmas travels I also had the opportunity of collecting a few make-up goodies from other towns in the UK .

1. Paris Berlin Blending sponge

This product was first introduced in America as the Ultimate beauty blender. It comes in a box with the blending sponge and bottled water to soak up the sponge for a flawless application. It retails for £20.00 and still remains the most expensive beauty sponge out of the other dupes. I purchased mine from Paris Berlin, unfortunately mine does not come with a bottle. It is still however a gorgeous sponge! The pointed section of the sponge is used to target your under eye area which is always difficult to reach. Whilst the rest of the sponge is to blend in the harsh lines produced by your foundation brush.

2. L’oreal true Match

With the help of instagram I am able to follow tons of make-up gurus that give amazing make-up  tips. I recently started following a celebrity make-up artist and the work he had done on his clients were absolutely flawless. He then posted another photo of one of the foundations he frequently used. To my surprise, it was the L’oreal true macth foundation , I immediately ran to town to pick one up to experience the extreme greatness of this product. Since then, I haven’t been disappointed.

3. Sleek Lip gloss 

Just like your regular lip gloss but quite thick and affordable.

4. Maybelline Fit me Concealer

After Maybelline’s overly played fit me advert I knew I soon had to pay a quick visit to town, I wasn’t overly pleased with the lack of skin tone variation as shown in the advert. But I had to make do with what was available. so I purchased the lighter of the two concealer colours in the dark skin tone section. In actual fact it fits me perfectly. (haha!)

5. Paris Berlin Concealer

Gorgeous dooey textured concealer I recently bought. Paris Berlin is an upcoming theatrical brand like Ben nye and I have heard a lot of great things about it from Goss makeup artist on youtube. I will give you a full review of the product once I have used it properly.

6. Ben nye Luxury Banana powder

The most highly talked about beauty product goes to Ben nye luxury powder in Banana. I recently purchased this product alongside with Topaz unfornately, Topaz was out of stock and will be with me in mid-January. This highlighting powder is mainly used on Kim Kardashian to achieve the under eye highlight but so far I am loving it.

7. W7 Pink Cream blush

This is the first cream blush I have ever owned. During my weekend in Watford, I saw a discounted make-up stand and knowing me, I can’t resist a good bargain I had to buy it. I love the texture of this blush, it is so creamy and yet shimmery. Once I tested at the stall, I knew I had to buy it.

I purchased my Ben-Nye powder and Paris Berlin products from Backstageshop online. The blush from a make-up stand in Watford’s Harlequin and the rest from Superdrug (too broke for Boots now lol).

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4 comments on “Recent Beauty Purchases

  1. Lisa
    December 30, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    I love this post! Thanks for sharing all of these different cosmetics! 🙂

    The Lovely Memoir

  2. Epiphannie
    December 31, 2012 at 1:58 pm

    Love this post!!! I'm thinking of getting a beauty blender, especially as I keep on hearing and reading so many great reviews. I've got Topaz, Sienna and Coco Tan in the Ben NYE powder and I just LOVE them!!!

    I didnt go for banana powder beause it just seemed a bit too light for my skin but then I've seen so many girls reach for it, I guess is a workable colour

  3. GirlsAreDolls
    January 5, 2013 at 12:58 am

    Love that pink blush !

  4. folake dairo
    January 25, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    is there anywhere i can get your product in Nigeria

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