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This is mainly for men or females who have a male friend they wish to tell this to. I am not usually a fan of reviews or companies contacting me to review things I’m not interested in. Majority of companies in the past who have, I have pretty much turned down. I got contacted by this website and first had a glance through the website, I was so happy I had found something distinct and original. It particularly interested me because I had wanted to start a segment on my blog regarding male fashion. Some male mates of mine that had regularly referred females to my blog had also convinced me to start something of a similar sought. After glancing through style pilot I had phoned my boyfriend to take a look at it and he was very impressed because he usually finds it difficult to pick out clothes for his body type or build. So basically style pilot is a personal style website that aims to identify Men’s body shape and preference and assists men in selecting the perfect outfits from retailers and thousands of brands. It also consists of professionally trained stylists to assist in finding the perfect outfits for your shape/build. I cannot stress how amazing this site is. So why don’t you go ahead and check it out yourself:

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  1. Fash Boulevard
    February 2, 2012 at 2:51 am

    fabulous blog, love. I don't know how I'm only just now following. love! xo
    Small town girl takes on the LA fashion scene.

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