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 I am at work at the moment. Today is slightly less busy than the other days but I just wanted to launch my new Blog go app I recently purchased from the App Store. So If you are a blogger like me and find it hard to blog due to your so-called busy lifestyle this app might just be perfect for you.

I have been so stressed lately but I wouldn’t let life’s petty disappointments hinder my happiness so I have decided to use my best defence mechanism which is ignorance (haha) to shove it away and move on. After all, I’ve always taught myself one thing about life “your failures make your success” and your disappointments are your lessons and that makes you who you are today. 
Whilst at university, I have been assisting my friends in the creative arts department with work and to my surprise I have gathered abit that could make a collection which makes me happy so I thought I’d share with you guys! Let me know if you likey.
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