My love for the Streets

Cool story. When I was younger my mother feared to send me to England on my own as she was worried I would turn out a punk. Like wtf? I had extreme fashion tastes and wasn’t afraid to experiment and I always had a thing for crazy unique fashion. Needless to say, that did not mean I was going to turn all goth on her ass. I looked up to designers like Folake; Tifanny Amber, Dakova and Deola Sagoe etc. (Nigerian designers) so wasn’t sure what view point she came from. Anyway, I still love crazy fashion but as I’ve gotten older I’ve become slightly more reserved with my self expression.

Okay so this post is inspired by the need to find unique fashion, I love the streets because it gives me life, but other things do too. I particularly love Brick Lane in Shoreditch because it’s the centre for youth, livelihood and pure self expression with no judgements. When I feel like I need to find something different I need to go to Bricklane it’s clogged with loads of fancy vintage and designer wear. So I went last week Saturday with my close mate; Jasmine. We went to have dinner and ended up in this really cool, Moroccan, Egyptian artsy bar. We fitted in perfectly well; we had a mango flavoured Shisha, Arabic tea and I ordered some Brown rice with Curry and Jasmine; Vegetarian Pizza and then we headed to the chocolate store to get some really cool chocolates.

So it was boiling hot (got me really excited!) I decided to dress really casual but pair it with outlandish accessories. Check out my video for the details.

Hair extensions:


Hat: eBay

Shoes: I got it when I was in China

Top: H&M

Shorts: H&M

Rings: H&M

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