My life in the Surburbs

It had always been a dream of mine to live in Surrey, and now I can truly say I’m living that dream. Why Surrey? You may think. The truth is, at first I wanted to live in the big city, London, which I did. In fact I lived in a very upbeat, corporate part of London, Canary wharf but I suppose when I started working in the big bad corporate world, I never saw the beautiful sky scrapers as breathtaking anymore. They all became buildings full of hard work, stress, endless hours and moany personalities. I also couldn’t stand my everyday commute on those tube trains; they were all very claustrophobic and smelly. So after my pensions job, I landed a job in Surrey out of the blue (as if God already knew) I wanted to live in the Suburbs of London with loads of greenery and beautiful lakes to avoid the chaos, so Surrey it was.

Surrey is truly beautiful with gorgeous lakes and the river Thames flowing from every town. Surrey is quite upper class (I would not class myself in that category of course) you get the most amazing golf courses, racecourses, sailing clubs etc here. Virginia water in particular is most famous for its incredible English and foreign mansions surrounded by amazing gardens, that you may confuse yourself for being Alice in wonderland. Virginia water is only a train stop away from me so it is one of those places I have made a goal to visit religiously. The Royal Park, Savill Gardens and Virginia Water Lake are the best places for you to clear your head and enjoy the true gift of Mother Nature. I took one of my best mates, Jasmine, to Virginia water (she also lives close by) to catch up on life, meditate a little and take a few pictures. It was so soothing and relaxing. We had such a blast! I advise that if you are reading this you should include Virginia water as one of your go-to places for meditation, concentration and staying grounded. With that being said, although I love Surrey and I loved London I feel like I have gone from extreme states of Chaos to stability (up to the point of loneliness and extreme meditative state, I’m nearing Nirvana lol). I like chaos but I also like being stable I need balance as my personality thrives on 65% fun and 35% stillness.

Enjoy the pictures I took. 🙂 







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