My experience: ShakaZulu Restaurant/Club

On the 20th of May, I headed to ShakaZula bar/restaurant in Camden for my sister’s birthday. I had had a busy last day at work so it was exciting celebrating my Friday night with visually appealing interior and a spontaneous food menu.

Upon entry, I was amazed to see the intricate detailed walls embedded with African cowries; that sparked my fascination already. I couldn’t wait to see what else the restaurant had in store. As you have guessed I was blown away once I entered the restaurant. The ambience of the restaurant and the beautiful 50 ft African Zulu warriors statue wowed me to the point where, when I was asked about reservations I couldn’t respond as this place had left me in a complete daze. O

I was completed inspired, it felt like I was in an African dreamland! I was so proud to be African. At this moment I had to voice out to myself and partner that I was going to create something like this and nothing was going to stop me. It was amazingly enchanting! God bless Roger Payne. 

We were presented with the most eclectic menu. By eclectic, I mean Ostrich, Buffalo, Crocodile and Zebra steaks! I’m like that’s different, I ought to try it! I tried some cold ostrich meat which was bland and ordered Buffalo for my mains. Although, the Buffalo was quite intimidating on my plate I felt like a Cave man when it was presented to me. It was the most pleasurable love making experience I had with my mouth. Bare mouth orgasms lol. The beef was very tender; it melted in my mouth gracefully ,just delicious! but I couldn’t finish it so gave it to the rest on the table.

We celebrated my sisters birthday with a group of African dancers who entertained us with their talking drums and style of dance. I felt right at home! Almost propelled to join in. I ended doing bum movements on my chair.

After our meal we went to Shaka Zulus club, which is a private section in the restaurant and was more amazed at the massive 50 ft line of Zulu statutes. Just amazing!!! Best time ever! Must go to in London. Here are some of the amazing pictures I took.

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