My designed Floral Fruity Sorbet Candle

Ok, it’s no suprise that I am a candle obsessed maniac and a smell fanatic. Lately I’ve been diving deep into the world of fragrance. I’ve studied more more on fragrance and candles than I did my masters degree lol. I also got approached randomly to design a candle collection so I’ve been getting my hands really dirty and hoping to launch a brand very soon. I popped into town and got inspired by these rose petal moulds I got for a pound. I decided to use crayons to get a reddish colour and scented the Rose petals with plum and raspberry. I scented the wax in the jar with Rhubarb, cut grass, jasmine and patchouli so it transitions into different scents whilst burning. I used a lead free tightly braided wick but I realised that it didn’t burn as hot as I wanted due to the crowded rose petals. As it is just a trial and error I will be experimenting with a few more till they are perfect. Check out the pictures.

 I designed everybit of the candle. From the rose petals to layers of wax in the jar.  


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