Mary Katrantzou ”The Capsule Collection” for Topshop.

I know I am extremely late in updating you guys with Mary’s Katrantzou’s collection for Topshop. It launched on the 18th of February, I  couldn’t help but upload this post because of how much I am in love with this collection. I couldn’t update also due to the fact that University is draining my life and it really is affecting my mood aswell, so haven’t been in the mood to blog neither have I had the time. This collection I must say is a mind blowing piece of Art. I am literally speechless as to how intricate the print and design is, only if I could afford it. I had to tweet Mary telling her how mind blowing this collection was. What are your thoughts on the collection? See how Sandra for 5inchandup styles it.

                                                                   picture source: elleuk

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