Marni for H&M………your thoughts?

Good evening guys? Alright, so i heard a month ago about Marni for H&M . It seemed like the Versace for H&M collaboration turned out to be a success. Donatella was very true to her aesthetic with the mixture of prints and gorgeous leather pieces which fitted in with the fetish trend. However, i heard the quality wasn’t very good . This is the reason why i don’t fall head over heels for Haute Couture meets High street, because the quality will never correspond. Consuelo Castiglioni is the founder of Marni and is famous for her superb quality and perfectly constructed garments. People love Marni, personally from what i’ve seen from this collection her market is not very broad, you would have to be a fashionista/style unconsciousness to wear these pieces, the Men’s collection look great. it is launching on the 8th of March. I am looking forward to seeing more from the collection without basing my full judgement on the little sneak peek i’ve seen. What are your opinions on this?

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