2023-09-28 13:53:50
Lessons learnt from Owning a Business -

Lessons learnt from Owning a Business

Howdy all,

I know when the new year approaches I get quite reflective and pour out my thoughts on visions for the year ahead. I am not going to do that this time as I have nothing to project or write down; my plan is to simply live without any goals to prevent me from attaching myself to anything. I did, however, upload a video on youtube making reference to this.

So today, I thought I revisit a childhood passion of mine, Business. I love business because it gives me the freedom to create anything and get paid simultaneously. However, being a creative at heart I ran into major roadblocks and by roadblocks, I mean being able to strike a balance between being creative and being strategic. Not all creative ideas are profitable, there are a lot of factors that come into play which could arguably be a massive hindrance to your creativity but overall for a business to function it needs healthy cash flow. A healthy cash flow plays on creative ideas that are profitable, when an idea is profitable it means there is a demand for it. You can be creative but if you want to apply creativity to business you have to focus on the needs of others. This is what I have learnt having been in business for a while and failing several times.

In my video, I address all the lessons I have learnt throughout my experience in business. Press play if you think I’d be able to add some value to your life. See you in my next post.



Tomi. x



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