Key pieces acquired from Bargain hunting 

 These days I spend my time at home, working on the business and hunting for roles in the city. I haven’t much to go to,however, I have acquired the habit of looking chic any time necessary; it’s a mood changer; it gives life purpose.

Whilst in Abu Dhabi on holiday DKNY happened to be having a sale on and the prices were bonkers! I left with a purse that cost me only £35 and my mate left with two bags at the cost of £60 each. What I found funny about shopping in Abu Dhabi  was that a pretty basic H&M dress cost more than my DKNY purse. I ended up buying an emergency H&M dress for £45 something that would have easily cost £20 here. I did not quite understand how I was spending more money or an H&M dress compare to a DKNY purse. With that being said, perhaps consider grabbing a bargain in the Middle East when shopping for high-end pieces they seem to cost less over there.

My red shoes were gifted to me by my parents on Christmas Day. They are suede leather by Jasper Conrad. I had been gagging over these shoes for over a month. I had also acquired this beautiful Julien McDonald coat and black loafer faith shoes and I wasn’t sure how I was going to slip in these red beauties into my wardrobe. My mother saw the desperation in my eyes and ended up getting them for me for Christmas. They were also good bargain shoes that had started off at £50 and down to £25. I got my Julien McDonald coat for £75 which was down from £150 and my black loafers at £35 down from £50.

The story of the Michael kors bangle was interesting. Let’s just say it was given to me my boyfriend who managed to get it for 15% off by haggling the price down from a popular chain of UK jewellers (I didn’t even know you could do that ) I suppose it was a lot easier because my boyfriend was having his watch repaired which took longer than usual and managed to ask for a bangle replacement for the time being which he convinced the store manager to a price knock off .

Duty free is also a great place to shop my friend and I managed to get a good 25% off our Mac cosmetics purchases at the airport. I am real bargain hunter and would rather hunt for the best deals on a particular item than pay full price. As a business owner myself I can only imagine how much it would have cost them to produce.

Are you a bargain hunter? Alert me to your best purchases.


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