I fell in love with Paris

I haven’t been around the world yet I keep falling in love with every city I go to. If travelling was a relationship and cities were boyfriends I will be a total slut with no control of her emotions. To be honest I’m quite baffled I don’t live in Paris I should live there! It defines who I am, it accommodates everything I am about so stylish, so free and absolutely classic. The culture,the history and the art is breathtaking. It’s no wonder Miles Davis called it his home that embraced his creativity.

My 4 days in central Paris (Renaissance arc de triomphe) was somewhat eventful, my boyfriend who had brought me to Paris for my birthday gave me the time of my life. We attended the Moulin Rouge, Champs Elysee, Galeries Lafayette, arc de triomphe, Eiffel Tower…..you name it! We were right in the centre of it all. I didn’t want to return home, back to my regular boring life. I recommend any aspiring fashion/photography/architecture/art student should absolutely visit.
For more pictures: www.instagram.com/tomidf


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