How to: Make the most of your girls’ night in.

                         Sometimes, relaxing on the sofa is a far more attractive prospect than a big

night on the town. Staying in on a Friday night needn’t mean sacrificing

your social life, however: why not make an event of it and invite your best

girlfriends over for an evening of pampering and relaxation? Follow our top

 tips to deliver a great girls’ night, without setting a foot outside the

 front door!

Look the part: The beauty of a girls’ night in is the minimal preparation

time. No worries about make-up or the practical limits of heel height here.

No, the only things that matter are comfort, comfort and perhaps snacks.

There are very few things more comfortable than a pair of silk or satin pyjamas, so get them on, add slippers and lounge in luxury.

 Night-time nibbles: Snacks can make or break a girls’ night in. Get creative

 in the kitchen before your girlfriends arrive and cook up some tasty treats

 as the perfect accompaniment to chit-chat and rom-coms.

Shop-bought naan breads work as easy pizza bases: just add tomato sauce and

toppings of your choice. Popcorn is another night-in staple. Buy kernelsb from your local whole food store, throw in a pan with a little oil or

butter, and add seasoning. Why not get inventive and try something a little

 bit different from the typical salt and sugar options? Spicy chili flakes,

 smoky paprika, or sweet honey all work well.

 Pamper party: After trying out your make-up looks, you could freshen up your

skin with a pampering face mask. Instead of buying a pricey mask, have fun

creating your own with your girlfriends.

 Mashed avocado and honey is a treat for dry skin, whilst oily skin types can

benefit from a yoghurt-based mask. Try adding sweet almond oil and oatmeal

 to the mixture and apply to the face for a gentle way to lift your


 Now, all you’ll have to do is choose a great film!

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