How To| Achieve Gorgeous Glowy Legs

 Hi everyone, I hope you are well. I have decided to record this video as I felt it may be very helpful for those of you who have problems with this particular area of your body in fact any part of your body to be honest. Have you always wondered how celebrities got gorgeous glowy bronzy beautiful legs? Well I was intrigued to find out how because I can’t stand my legs! My skin is extremely sensitive and reacts to various weather conditions and my diet. I got inspiration for this video through Pro Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury on Net-a-Porter’s Youtube channel. She used the Concealer, Mac Face and Body Foundation and a shimmer highlighting lotion to achieve it.
When I was in London, I popped down to the Mac store in Harrods and I was advised on how to apply the Mac Face and Body Foundation and I was completely amazed. I was told it is often used as a tanning lotion and it’s perfect for when you are holiday as it is completely water resistant (so no fabric staining) I know a lot of women of colour(Asian, African, South American e.t.c) have dark kness and this is due to lack of moisture and and dead skin cells that gather around that area. So in order to make your legs look clear and good always exfoliate them and apply a good moisturiser with olive oil, aloe vera or cocoa butter in it.
I hope you enjoy this video and I hope it helps you ! xxx

Products Used
Molton Brown 24 Hour Moisture Lock
Fashion Fair True Finish Concealer
Mac Face and Body Foundation in C7
Boots Seventeen Bronzing kit


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