How I lightened my Brows

Yesterday was really exciting for me as it was my sister’s graduation and also close mates of mine. I had a lot of close relatives down for my sister’s grad which was loads of fun and cheeky banter! For her graduation, I decided to lighten my brows because I had just put in long straight dark hair extensions so I wanted something out of the ordinary, hence why I went for light brown brows.

So I purchased a hair lightener from boots and maybelline’s sepia twist up pencil. 

Here is the hair lightener which you have to mix.

I put it on for 10minutes. Actually I attempted it 3times because at first instance I was afraid that it would go blonde then I would look like Casper the friendly ghost which wouldn’t be very appealing.

Voila! And that’s the outcome. Let me know your thoughts.

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