I’m absolutely loving the weather right now, going to the beach in a sec and will be soo bronzed out, anyway like i said yesterday ill be talking about hair extensions! hair extensions! hair extensions! I have just taken my invisible part weave out and that only lasts for about four weeks its easy and nice to put on but after a while it just gets bloody annoying and messy and then the glue on the part gets really sticky and then you have to wash a hundred of times before its of. So the next on my list is Flat fusion individual strands which last for 5months and over, i actually have an appointment for that next week. Im going to have a tutorial on it whilst i’m doing my sister’s flat fusion. I love applying it. The tools are however expensive but im a hair extensionist so i already have them. These method of hair extensions are perfect for the summer and holidays because you can swim all day long and the hair will still look gorgeous unlike braids you actually have to use remy hair or virgin hair and it is more natural and gorgeous! Hair can be washed, dyed , curled , permed e.t.c

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