From flappers of the 1920’s to stepford wives of the 1960’s( Vintage fantasy)

Everyone knows i am a sucker for anything vintage from the different eras of fashion to their attitude of life back then. I wish i lived in the 40’s-60’s, they looked like they had so much fun, women were highly respected and performed their womanly duties, which in my case is looking good and Men were strong and ambitious and gave the Woman all the respect she needed, worshiped her like a Queen.(Gone with the wind).

Hence, my blog name stepford-wife, it came from the movie stepfordwives of perfect wives that lived in a perfect city, they were very fashionable and perfect looking.

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  1. free de lulu
    July 19, 2011 at 12:24 pm

    In these times(periods) dresses were magnificent I like.

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