Education is quite fascinating!

Im in the library at the moment in uni and i have an essay to hand in for wednesday, we are allowed to choose any essay topic of our choice, i chose to do Social class inequality in the educational system. It’s really quite fascinating how it is programmed in our heads there is a need to go to school and how loads of people look down on you if you don’t go to school or if you are doing a medioka course. I am Nigerian and it is important for we Nigerians to send our kids to the best schools and for them to come out with the best degrees and best jobs, we totally forget about hapiness, what if i am not suitable for that job, what if i can’t handle the stress? what if i have no life after that? In my essay Two popular economsts/sociologists struck me by this quote ” At school pupils learn to be motivated by external rewards, just as the work force in a capitalists society is so little in control over, and little feeling of the involvement in their school work, they get little satisfaction from studying. Learning is based upon the ‘jug and mug’ principle. the teachers possess knowledge which they pour into empty mugs, the pupils. it is therefore not suprising that many pupils do not enjoy the process of schooling. Instead they are encouraged to take satisfaction from the external reward of a qualification at the end of studies. The qualification offers the promise of employment or better paid employment than would otherwise have been the case’.

This is extremely fascinating and is so the case about the society we live in today. I’m not saying be a drop-out or ignore education. We have all been programmed with goals and achievements other wise talents. It is vital we must use our talents to our utmost potential. so we can look back to our past and have no regrets.

At the end of the day life does not last forever, we all die one day. Lets use every bit of our potential and age gracefully.

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