Dreams; the symbolic language of the Subconscious mind

I’ve always been extremely fascinated about dreams; I am not quite sure if this is due to the fact that I studied psychology or due to my African upbrigring where I learnt that dreams were important as they were the gateway to the spiritual realm. Sounds spooky  doesn’t it? 

The spiritual side of things encompasses thoughts, feelings and emotions which are represented in dreams as people or experiences. Since your conscious mind is at rest whilst asleep, the subconscious projects images that seem as real as the conscious. So all I’m saying is a dream is a reflection of your subconscious, the feelings, thoughts and emotions being repressed and projected in your dreams. Through analysing consciously, can you be able understand a part of you you are ignoring. 

Remember my posts are a reflection of what I am thinking and feeling now. So if I’m giving a lot of deep content this is because it’s all relative to my emotions now 😊

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