Dreaming in an Olfactory fantasy

Scent is native to the human race. What the average human describes as olfactory pleasing varies from culture to culture of course. Anything deemed as oriental in the fragrance world is aesthetically more pleasing to people of Asian descent compared to a floral bouquet for Europeans or “western culture”. People’s sense of smell is slowly evolving, the so-called “Oudh” from the Agarwood tree in the Middle East is now becoming a part of western culture since designers such as Tom Ford decided to inject it heavily into his fragrance collection. It also a very popular aroma amongst the Northern parts of Nigeria which I find rather interesting.

The fragrance market today is completely flooded with lots of different perfumes it’s hard to find one that you could easily become accustomed to. I love it when people have a signature scent as it acts as a memory stick, storing information about the person and the events that took place when you were with that person. It creates stories. By simply revisiting a fragrance you could access a lot of information from a past event or memory through it. It’s truly magical.

When buying perfume for yourself, it is important to note a few things. Do I need this for day time or night time? Fresh citrusy, ozonic perfumes tend to be pleasing in the day time, perhaps an eau de Toilette which contains 20% of perfume oil and 80% dilutant (Ethanol/DPG). This prevents the perfume from being way too overpowering. At night time, perhaps settle for something with a warm deep base, something incorporated with woods and spice. Note: it’s always good to have  the lotion or deodorant that accompanies the perfume as this intensifies the fragrance. Lastly, it is important to note that everybody’s body chemistry is different; by simply buying Dior Amber Nuit, because a friend has it, might simply not work for your body’s chemistry. Test the fragrance on your skin to see how the top notes fade to heart notes then base notes. See how people respond to it and note how long it lasts for  if you are satisfied, then make a purchase a day after.

Here are a few perfume goodies for the festive season

 Shalimar by Guerlain (French perfume house) 
Chanel no 5 (by Earnest Beaux  using Aldehydes)
  J’adore by Christain Dior

English Pear and Freesia by Jo Malone

Sì by Giorgio Armani


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