Daisies, Wigs in full presence

Certain environments have a direct influence on your perception of what now is meant to be. As humans we tend to label every situation rather than feeling and being present with that situation. Such experiences make life seem so full of joy. like the saying goes “In my presence the fullness of joy”. Today is a classic example of my happiest moments as I was so present in the moment, I felt like a kid again, dancing infront of the TV and screaming my lungs out rather than constantly living in the past or future .  I realised how therapeutic moments like this were hence why they’re important to be experienced. 

British weather treated us to a gorgeous sunshine today so I decided to complete a wig I had been working on for 2 weeks. I wanted it to look like a frizzy trendy Bob often worn by cool Afro hippy kids. I’ve been designing wigs a lot lately and I’m really into creating characters with them. I’m inspired by wig artisan , Tamara Walsh and drag queens- my favourite. I decided to create a story behind my wig and I will be doing that to all my wigs because it makes each character come to life. 

This character is a cool street kid inspired by dance and trendy fashion. She’s an introvert and loves music hence the detail of the head phones. Whilst in the garden playing with her phone and hanging wet clothes, she contemplates she’d love to explore the world of theatre when she’s much older.  

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