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Hi guys?
So as you all know i haven’t been up to much this summer, i decided not to get a job so i could focus on my New Vintage store as well as my Hair extension brand, which is going all well and good. Throughout my years in life, i have been taught by Mum to always learn new things and to give everything a go. I am also very ambitious and serious minded when it comes to shaping my future, however, i am still very sociable, always love to have a laff, love alcohol e.t.c At the age of 15, i learnt hair dressing(which i am pretty good at) i also shadowed a make-up artist, this is where my love for make up came about. I am pretty good at drawing, i loved Art when i was younger. My Love for Fashion came about when i was 13 but all i did was follow trends and designs of fashion, i wasn’t sure what field of fashion i wanted to go into but i was definitely a lover. After failing french at secondary school(lol) i decided to give it another go along side with Chinese because i was up to date with the fashion and Business economy and knew the importance of both languages. At University, i am a member of the photography society and now studying Law and Chinese and i just started sewing school which i saved up for. it is just another skill i would love to have. I am so excited. i can now proudly count the amount of skills i have. One more last interesting thing i used to be a major performer, i loved the stage i sang and danced a lot, My dad still thinks i should give that talent and extra chance because i have pushed it down the drain. I can finally say i want to go into business because business has no limits and welcomes any talent or passion and can turn it into money.
i am sorry for the super long story but just letting you know more about me and i would love to know more about you. email me:

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  1. KoredeOjo
    March 11, 2012 at 6:22 pm

    Did u actually draw dis?'ll love to knw more abt you

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