China loves NEON

  The popular summer trend, Neon seems to be the most popular of all trends in China. Whilst being in China I have completely bought into their fashion style, it is simply unique and so stylish, all the girls are well dressed in high heels and distinctive clothing as their everyday go to. it is utterly inspiring. To be perfectly honest I feel like crap everytime I have to stroll to the mall  looking like I just got out of bed. So for this post and a day out in Beijing I decided to embrace NEON .Everything I have on is from China and if you reside here I will include where I got each piece of clothing. Best wishes!

Top: Xidan market
skirt: Xidan market
contact lense: Xidan market

Bag: Silk market
shoes: silk market

hair extensions: www.dollhaircollection.com


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