Autumn picks

Autumn is clearly peeping its way through and making a warm welcome by deciding to ruin our summer with intense winds and rain. High streets are flooding your inbox with autumn wear and summer sales. It only makes sense to start planning for autumn since the environment is helping to download information into your subconscious that you should think Autumn. 

It is quite the cliché that everytime we think autumn we are automatically drawn towards low vibrational colours such as wines , Browns, anything pretty much in the berry family. It is quite accurate to select those colours if we are contemplating to mimick natures moods and expressions. With that being said, it is only appropriate that we embrace those colours for Autumn but also fuse them with bright colours as Autumn represents nature transitioning from Summer to Winter. It is the middle ground for those two so it means you can either strike a balance with both summer and winter fashion or you do more of the other. 

I have compiled certain fashion items I hope to play a key role in my wardrobe this summer. 

Fur turle neck is from River Island

Crocodile print skirt from River Island

Boots from Zara  

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