Achieving anything with Biorhythms


The word Biorhythms emancipates from the Greek word bios– meaning ‘life’ and rhuthmus – meaning ‘any regular recurring motion’. We all have cycles in our lives where we feel our absolute best and our absolute worst this is because life occurs in cycles, from day to night, to seasons and even down to our menstrual cycles. Understanding that everything in life occurs in cycles would help you understand life and help you take better care of yourself emotionally, physically and mentally.

Why am I telling you this?

Recently, I was conversing with my boss at work about how weak I’ve been feeling in the morning and during the day I automatically get an instant energy boost. In that feeling, I feel like I can take over the world like I’m Wonder Woman. After giggling at the fact that I compared myself to wonder woman she told me I needed to understand my Biorhythms, if I did, I could really achieve anything so I got into researching and observing myself.

Without sounding too scientific, physicists have discovered that on a personal scale, our emotions go through a 28 day cycle; intellectually a 33 day cycle; and physically a 23 day cycle. There are even biorhythm calculators floating the internet to help you get a precise number of your biological rhythmic state.

How can we apply this to our lives?

I’m a strong believer in paying attention to yourself and understanding who you are. We all have our peak (high energy) and off peak (low energy) periods, if you feel like you are on your off peak period emotionally or intellectually then you should refrain from making major decisions in your life. For example, if you’re in a relationship and at a particular moment you are easily irritated by anything just stop for a minute and observe yourself. Keep in mind that because you are in your off peak period you may make irrational decisions or say comments that could affect you and your partner even when you are in your peak times. By simply being aware of your cycle you can actively do something to change it or you could remain in solitude till the next cycle appears.

For more information on Biorhythms refer to these sources:

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