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Reality or perception can be perfectly equated to the celestial paradox, true or false. It can only be defined through the subject who is observing; that is, the observer of the object. As there are many subjects with all fluctuating views and points of perspective the answer to that question can simply not be singular. Truth is only relative to the subject perceiving the object and better still the object in question occurs differently through the eyes of the observer. So is this true or false or merely perception?

I may try to approach these two differing rivals from an esoteric standpoint but as I run a lifestyle and fashion blog I would employ them in this context. William Shakespeare made a very important statement about fashion: “The soul of this man is in his clothes”. Whilst most people do not take fashion literally, it is highly perceived in our society as frivolous by so-called “intellects”, political figure heads and men.  Now whilst this is just a perception and not necessarily reality, some people adopt this perspective to mean truth. Fashion in itself is an anchor, enhancer to the soul of the being; it reinforces the act the human wants to play in the world. Fashion, style and clothes come with an immense amount of energy that can either be used to create or destroy. It is a state of mind, it carries its own behaviours and characteristics. A style of dress does not need to be worn for it to have effect. It has effect on an environment by merely being displayed.  It is no wonder fashion has received an immense amount of recognition in this generation. It is pure Art! which can only be felt not reasoned. So why is this important? Feelings is what drives the soul of the human to act not Logic!

The fashion industry today is utilising fashion through a limited perspective. Or shall I rephrase that and say the fashion industry today has translated style through their limited perspective of what it is and the world has caught onto it (talk about normative social psychology). If Coco Chanel describes black, white and beige to mean pure luxury then that is truth according to Coco’s perspective but then again what is luxury?, Fur? Tweed? Pearls? Hmmm Ok let’s argue that to mean Fashion according to the viewpoints of aristocrats or the tastes of oligarchs.

Although, I may sound negative I don’t mean to do so honestly (I’m obsessed with Coco ;-)) I am just putting out a perspective (haha!). My point is, Fashion, beauty etc. is a personality augment you can use it to be who and whatever you want to be in the moment and that’s only if it means anything to you. Following the masses is a huge waste of time and energy except it is doing something extremely great for self. So with this perspective I ask that people with unique forms of expressions in relation to beautifying the body should be making the loudest noise. We, as a society with expanding consciousness, are in search for new forms of sensory feelings to enhance our life experience.



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