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    Lessons learnt from Owning a Business

    Howdy all, I know when the new year approaches I get quite reflective and pour out my thoughts on visions for the year ahead. I am not going to do that this time as I have nothing to project or write down; my plan is to simply live without any goals to prevent me from attaching myself to anything. I did, however, upload a video on youtube making reference to this. So today, I thought I revisit a childhood passion of mine, Business. I love business because it gives me the freedom to create anything and get paid simultaneously. However, being a creative at heart I ran into major roadblocks…

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    GIRL BOSS 101| Let’s talk Investments

    Hey guys, It’s been a busy but very productive week, it’s nice to be finally rewarded with some weekend time and immerse myself in a complete self indulgent routine. This includes blogging, washing my hair, grocery shopping and taking long walks in nature. As someone who believes in having a balanced and well-rounded life, I thought I speak on the topic of investments. How are you making your money work for you? When I was young, I had always been surrounded by men who spoke quite intensely about investments and money. It was literally their hobby! which I found rather fascinating. Not a lot of people like to talk about…

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    Recently, I have been involved in situations where I find myself experiencing sudden outbursts of realisation; often referred to by most as an “A-ha! moment”, an expression deeply adored by one of my spirit animals, Oprah Winfrey. I had encountered a situation where I manifested exponentially without being aware. It literally came out of nowhere! Suddenly, I thought, “Ah! I’m becoming a good manifestor”. Whilst I want to go into detail about the manifested situation, I’d prefer to document that in my private journal, and dive straight to the point on what this post is really about. You see, few years ago, when I had this weird obsession with “quantum…

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    The Green Grass

    An old friend paid me a visit last night, we discussed life, relationships, jobs and all that good stuff women in their late 20’s talk about. I came to the realisation that we are all feeling the same things. We are feeling the transition from kidulthood to adulthood. Transformation can be one of the most painful experiences because of the uncertainty of whether you will fly and fall. One is in a constant dilemma of trying to define who they think they are including separating themselves from who their parents moulded them to be. I have searched, explored, tried things outside myself to look for answers on how I can…


    Tilting at Windmills

    Windmills is my metaphor for my daring desire to surpass dressing like a bore. So in essence I’m fighting mediocrity lol. I was touring the city of London with a friend and decided to put on clothes inspired by my wardrobe. I paired paradoxes together and it somehow worked. Ripped grey jersey dress with a tweed cape style top, faux fur scarf and military style julien macdonald coat.    

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    Human vs Being – a thought provoking dichotomy

      I’m an analyst by nature, perhaps you would already label me as an amateur philosopher or anthropologist. This means I do not accept information at face value. The idea of one perspective being labeled as truth does not sit well with my soul. This leads my wandering mind to the concept and most interesting compound word in our history “Human Being”. What does it mean? Is it interwoven or separate and trying to become one? who birthed the word and why? By dictionary definition, humans are from the homo species in its literal sense. However, the Human appears to be static, already there; physical, perhaps a body. The meaning…

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    Earl Grey In Ages Past

    My mother, bought me a white vintage Victorian under garment which I cherish dearly. I couldn’t help but think: Inner-wear is the new outerwear” so I could be extremely daring with my style and wear the undergarment as a top or dress- but I am not! right now. I thought I’d shoot the dress in Victorian style but with modern aesthetics. Hope you enjoy.

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    The Payment of Gratuity

    An act of gratitude is a state of consciousness- Krishna.  Few months ago, I was handed a book on Krishna whilst roaming the busy streets of Oxford Circus in London. It was handed to me by a member of the religious group -Hare Krishna. I am totally open to viewpoints about the world so I wasn’t hesitant to collect the book, although I was quite put off at the fact that a member of the group hassled me for a donation. A sense of judgement arose subconsciously, in the depths of my stomach, as I searched my purse for spare “I had nothing but 20p” – I told him. “I…

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    Daisies, Wigs in full presence

    Certain environments have a direct influence on your perception of what now is meant to be. As humans we tend to label every situation rather than feeling and being present with that situation. Such experiences make life seem so full of joy. like the saying goes “In my presence the fullness of joy”. Today is a classic example of my happiest moments as I was so present in the moment, I felt like a kid again, dancing infront of the TV and screaming my lungs out rather than constantly living in the past or future .  I realised how therapeutic moments like this were hence why they’re important to be…